Welcome to my blog.  Let me introduce myself; I am Cassi.  I work full time at a college campus doing career advising.  I always stress to my students that your interests can exist and be fulfilled in your personal life – and that is exactly what I do. My husband, David, and I  spend a lot of time giving our house a second chance. We purchased a 1950’s bungalow style home that needed more than a little DIY. I am now able to put my art degree and past experiences to work. In this blog, I will share with you my process and experience – hopefully giving you wisdom that I had to learn along the way.

We started in January of 2010, so I will try to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. I owe much of our progress in our home to my dad, Lonnie. I tagged along with him to work since I was in kindergarten.  My skills progressed as I designed my parents pool deck and recently re-drywalled our upstairs living space (A-Frame). The second person I owe it to is my mom.  She would call me two seconds after reading the welcome if she was not mentioned.  My mom has always been my cheerleader, telling me that I had a unique and special talent.


On the mention of talent, I have to say that a lot of my projects are inspired by other peoples projects.  I typically find and idea and run with it. That is why you will often hear me refer to myself as an imitator, not a creator.

Lastly, I can’t take all the credit for each completed project. My husband David has amazing skills in everything DIY, construction, etc. (he was a government contractor for years).  We team up to make a really funny and sometimes argumentative pair.  We are both stubborn and believe we’re always right. He wins sometimes, but so do I.

I can’t forget our most important team member, Reese – our newest edition to our family born January 2012. She helps us remember how to keep things safe and up high.


I hope you enjoy the blog and I will try to share as many details as possible. We will try to keep it funny, light, and practical.  YOU CAN DO THIS!


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